I am looking for some help to understand what i might be doing wrong. i purchased retractable skids for all my quads running APM 2.6 FW 3.2.x. My setup as follows:

APM 2.6. FrSky V8FRII, Turnigy 9XR running OPENTX.

Initially, i connected the skids to channel 8, programmed the Radio to respond to the gear switch.

this was the result, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_n_PACtO2w

It seems when the switch is flipped, the FC resets. i realize i may need a BEC, but i have a Controller, Tarot TLX8002. the Distributor contends i do not need it with the Skids Tarot TL65B44.

I have since moved the Skids to Channel 7, and i notice the FC lights flashing when i raise the skids as if it reset there as well . i dont dare fly it again since it appears the FC is resetting when ever the skids are rasied.

i would like to understand if i am doing something wrong or does an APM 2.6 not handle SKIDS? any advice as to how to use these skids with an APM 2.6

thanks in advance

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Sounds like a power glitch occurs when gear activates, must have something to do with how power is routed to the APM and the gear.

As a test try powering the gear from an another power source, and see if that stops the reset from occuring.

Also how is the APM powered? 

Thanks clarence for the reply. the Apm is powered thru the 3DR power Module to the APM, 3S Battery. i do have another power source to test thru but i can do that until later. i tried Channel 8 on the Gear Switch, thats the video you see. I then went to Channel 7 on POT 2 on my transmitter. I noticed that all my LED indicators started flashing when i raised the Landing Skids, much like the when i used the gear switch.

i sincerely appreciate your help on this

just so you know, the Manufacturer states that the Signal for the Landing skids is about 1520 PWM? i dont know if that helps but thats what the paperwork states

I use this controller with APM and it works fine. First you need to have your battery charged to over 10.5v Next simplify the problem - connect the retracts directly to the receiver with no APM in the picture. Then your transmitter switch must go from below 1500pwm like 1100 to above say 1600 in order for the retracts to function. Make sure the retracts work directly from the receiver without connection to the APM first.

Hi Mike thanks for the response. i am not sure how i would change the PWM signal other than choosing a particular channel. i am connecting directly to the V8FR II FrSky receiver i have tried Ch 7 and 8 using a Turnigy 9XR running OpenTX. 

any advice is greatly appreciated


If the gear goes up and down when you command, the PWM signal is OK. How does the Skid motor get its power? 

As Clarence says if your retracts are working then the PWM is ok. You change it at your transmitter. When you select a switch on your transmitter and associate a channel with that switch on many transmitters you can also set the pwm values of the switch positions. For instance up=1100 and down=1600 etc.

The retract motors pull a lot of current, relative to the APM. So you need to have good power so when the retract motors turn on they don't "steal" power from the APM causing it to reset. The retracts main red/black power wires will work directly off your 3s battery connection, like a power distribution board you may use. They don't need to run of a BEC or other voltage regulator. Especially one that is connected to the APM also.

the power comes out of the Receiver on the connection marked CH7 or on CH8. i think i might have to cut the power wire off that once i connect it to the controller.

i have never seen that option on the OPENTx software. but i cant say i actually looked. i can tell you a million things about APM, i could barely tell you any thing about the transmitter :( some how i believe maybe the power demands when the Skids are in use is the issue so i will have to reroute power to a skid controller which would get its power from the battery and by pass the reciever for power.

P.S. most people told me to use a BEC for some kind of power cancelling or volt cancelling?

I got a lot of time today to play around with the retracts. I reset the failsafes on the V8FR-II HV receiver, thinking it maybe was the cause of the problems because the failsafes were never set, i was letting the APM take care of that. didnt change anything, so i got out my volt meter, measures the charge on the wires, 5-6 volts which is what the retracts need. there were no surges as i expected to see.

I am using Channel 8 on the Gear switch on the on the turnigy 9XR running OpenTX. i have also tried POT2 on channel 7. there is no connection to the APM FC, the wires are directly connected to the V8FR receiver. still same thing, FC Resets. i tried a Second Craft running APM 2.6 FW 3.2, same thing. 

So maybe its the FC, it doesnt understand the pulse? or the receiver? i am truly at a lose here.

Any ideas, i am all ears and thanks in advance

That is your problem. The retracts will NOT work on 5v. They need a minimum of 10.5v. The servo signals must be normal 5v but the black and red wires that go to the retract module must be 12v. You are loading down your BEC or Power Module causing the FC to reset.

From the Tarot site:

Supply voltage:
Operating voltage: 3S-6S (12.6V --- 25.2V)
Minimum voltage: 10V
Maximum voltage: 26V


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