reverse command applied while the radio was OK

Hello every body

I want to tell you the story of one flight test with pixhawk

recently I installed the pixhawk on tarrot x650 and attempted to flight

when we started to fly the quadcopter took off the land correctly but a little agile and sharp. when the pilot ordered it to go away off us it got closer to us and pilot could not control it and we got our crash.

pilot claimed that the copter was behaving reverse (he commanded to go and the copter came) and we checked his claim on the ground (with crashed copter). he was right. the command in pitch was reversed.

when we came back to our home I checked the radio and I found the command is OK in mission planner. meaning when I pitch up the sign of pitch rises and when I pitch down, the sign of pitch falls (in the mission planner radio callibration)

so I want to know that has anybody encountered with this problem.

what can the reason be?

any help would be appreciated

(I am also sorry for the poor English I am writing in)

thank you so much

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  • sounds like you have enabled "simple mode" or "supersimple" mode without understanding what it is.  read up on it, and disable until you are fully able to fly manually.

  • Developer

    TIP: The green bars should move in the same direction as the

    transmitter sticks (except for Pitch where the bars move opposite to stick movements - low values are forward, high values are back). If the green bars move in the wrong direction, reverse them using your RC transmitter’s channel-reverse function (see your RC gear’s manual for guidance).

    Radio Control Calibration — Copter documentation
    • thank you so much. I saw the link and now I am easier with that. but isnt it strange for pixhwak to have such presentation for pitch. I mean why shouldnt the show it like others?


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