Hi all,

I'm sat scratching my head trying to do something which is easy on APM...

My PX4 is all set up and working...however, in seatbelt mode, the autopilot actuation is reversed for the elevator and rudder. Ailerons are fine. My control inputs come through correct however, as they do in manual.

"Reversing" the channel in the Radio Calibration part of QGroundControl Config just reverses MY inputs, and not the autopilot corrections for disturbances.

I have tried every "orientation", and none of which work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Still not had any luck with this, any ideas peeps?

Cheers in advance!

Normally the configured reversal is of the flight control output. The manual control mixed in should be unaffected (reversal of that is set up on the rc tx). The exception is elevons, in the mode where APM does all mixing.
It's almost so strange as to deserve a youtube video?
Regards, Søren

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