• Thanks for the input guys, already sorted that. I believe it will work in either connection using one 3DR radio and one RFD900. They are pretty awesome from what I have seen so far and very easy to plug and play like the 3DR radio, a little messing about with correct baud rate and loading drivers but nothing too hard.
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    You need two modules with the same frequency and the same power if you want to use them for long range. According to the user manual, it could be possible to use a 3DR module on ground (with the appropriate settings), but not for a long range two way communication.


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      Not strictly true. You can use a RFD900 on the ground and a 3DR radio in the air. Using one on the ground, with diversity setup and two types of antenna, one directional high gain, and one Omani directional. Would give better range than just 3DR radios...

      But as radio hams say, spend your money wisely on antennas as it save huge amounts on radios.
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