RFD900X asynchronous firmware forwarding issue

I have issue in connecting the rdf900x radio as relay with asynchronous firmware 
as of now i have made the setup in the following way

Node 1: ATS10 = 1, ATS11 =3 // set node 1, destination 3
Node 3: ATS10 = 3, ATS11 =1 // set node 3, destination 1
Node 2: ATS10 = 2, ATS11 =don't care, AT+F0=1,3, AT+F1=3,1 // forward 1->3, and 3->1
after setting up  , my flight controller rfd900x (node 1) get binds with gcs rfd900x (node 3) in between i just powered on node2 rfd900x  .. Seems to be the data is not relayed via node 2 
please help me how to make the setup for data communication relay 
The second issue is when my aircraft have single dataradio pair communication, i could able to establish the communication for long range but when i put another radio (that is two rfd900 radios in one aircraft) the range cuts down drastically , please advice us how to solve this issue 

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  • Did you solve your problem?

  • Hi Mohamed,

    How did you flash your Asynchronous firmware your RFD900x radios? Using the RFD900 tools (version 2.11)? What Async version did you flash (v2.47)?

    Did you have success getting this to work with three nodes? Cheers!

  • What are you setting your baud rates to?  Are you actually getting a useful link through the relay?

    Were you able to set the retries to 0?  I could only set it to 1. 

  • Please try setting dest id to 32768 for node 1 and 3.
    Set max global retries to 0,  but it will lose a lot of data. 
    and the other way is 
    Node 1: set node 1, destination 2
    Node 3: set node 3, destination 2
    Node 2: ATS10 = 2, ATS11 =don't care, AT+F0=1,3, AT+F1=3,1 // forward 1->3, and 3->1
    Set max  retries and global to 0, it will lose a little date.
    The second issue relates to interference. If you want to use two pairs of radios with SiK firmware you will need to separate the frequencies eg. pair one 915-921 and pair two 922-928 with 9 channels on both pairs
    If your first problem is solved, please tell me the method, thank you.
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