I have issues in connecting the rdf900x radio as relay (forwarding) with asynchronous firmware v2.47. My setup is:

Node 1: ATS10 = 1, ATS11 =3 // set node 1, destination 3
Node 3: ATS10 = 3, ATS11 =1 // set node 3, destination 1
Node 2: ATS10 = 2, ATS11 =don’t care (4), AT+F0=1,3, AT+F1=3,1 // forward 1->3, and 3->1
All set to Net 25

After setting up, my flight GCS laptop mission planner rfd900x (node 1) binds with aircraft rfd900x (node 3) directly, the in between node2 rfd900x doesn’t seem to power up at all, no lights whether i use a 5v power supply or plug into laptop USB port. So the data is not relayed via node 2. Node 2 rfd900x can be programmed so i know its physically working.

What am i doing wrong in this set up? Thanks

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Try setting the destination node for radios 1 and 3 to node 2.

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