Right Side Motors underpowered...

I am trying to figure out why in our quad, the two right side motors in our X Configuration do not provide the same thrust as the two left side motors. I have leveled the craft with a bubble level and then in CLI mode used the Level command, and calibrated the motors to the ESCs separately.

Yet during a runup test tonight and quick hover test we had to bury the the aileron channel stick on the transmitter all the way to the left just to hold it level... The data from the motors shows that the two left motors are averaging around 61000 RPM or so while the right side motors both show only 56000 or so. This explains why the vehicle ALWAYS wants to lift up and roll right without correction.


The Radio trims are zeroed out.

The ESCs and motors were calibrated individually, the more time consuming but accurate method.

The craft was leveled in CLI mode with a bubble level on the vehicle. Does this have to be done every time we ready the vehicle for flight???


Is there some sort of calibration I missed along the way?

This is the ONLY thing standing between us getting off the ground and flying in stabilized flight mode.

Thanks for any help... Its pretty vexing.


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    I had that problem once, too. Not sure what caused it, but doing a CLI reset and logs clear and then setting it up again fixed it. Or maybe it was waiting a day and trying again ;-) At any rate, it never showed up again.

    Can you post a log so we can get some debug data?
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