ROI being ignored.

After reading every post I can find and playing around with parameters I've had no luck getting my copter to yaw towards a ROI.

I'm running 2.9.1 on a 2.5 Mega board with Mission Planner 1.2.32 mav 1.0.

I loaded a simple WP Mission and between WP2 & WP4 put point 3 as the ROI. I would have thought the copter would have 'looked' at the ROI point while traversing between the two waypoints.

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing an input in the parameter boxes next to the command?

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  • Hi all,

    I have a similair problem and im searching probably in all the wrong places for the solution.

    Im trying to create a mission where the quad will face the ROI.

    It will not do it whatever i try.

    Im using mission planner 1.2.62, and firmware 3.01.

    There is no option YAW_OVR_BEHAVE in the adv. param list.


    Is there anything i am missing?

    Should i download older firmware maybe?




  • Bumping ROI thread:

    Any one succeed to test the ROI using v3-R5 or earlier?

    The ROI failed on my quad, and it not point the nose to ROI location.

    Any suggestion?


  • It is too bad that ROI, that was working in 2.8, it is not working anymore in 2.9

    Anyway you can have back some of ROI function setting YAW_OVR_BEHAVE mavlink parameter  to 1

    If you set YAW_OVR_BEHAVE=1 after ROI command YAW will point correctly to the ROI location (as before).... but before issuing ROI Command YAW doesn't point to the next WP.


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