This is my second issue with my AC2. My previous post 'GPS prevents motors arming' describes the history of my AC setup problems.

This issue relates to the flight data feedback received in APM Planner, with Mavlink connected. Yaw and pitch feedback is correct, as is compass, but the roll gyro feedback is inverted. As in: when I roll the copter left the artificial horizon show it as a right roll. I switched IMU boards and got the same result.

I assume this problem is more serious than simply reversing my roll input.

Equipment: uDrones Arducopter quad in X mode, with APM1.4. Running latest firmware

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John, that is normal. Many people are initially confused by artificial horizons, so let me help explain. The line shows the apparent position of the horizon, not the plane. So if the plane tilts to the right, the horizon tilts to the left. Try it with your head and you'll see what I mean ;-)


hi Chris, yeah you are right - doh!

My only excuse for making this mistake is that my brain is fried after my recent setup ordeal :) Will close thread.



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