Roomba-style ground rover with location tracking

Hey all,

I'm primarily working with multicopters and planes for remote sensing, but using ground vehicles to carry a sensor package and autonomously map the inside of a building or an outdoor area has come up several times as something that would be very useful.

From my initial review of the problem, accurately tracking the position of the vehicle is the most challenging problem. I've seen things about wifi and rfid triangulation. Obviously, GPS doesn't work well indoors.

My motivation primarily stems from a coworker attempting to create a light map of an indoor building, but I believe there are many other uses as well.

Does anything like this already exist? I would be able to integrate an Arduino and a light sensor and then have to sync the light data with the location data. It's definitely an interesting problem, but doesn't have the safety concerns that multirotors have, and can just bump into walls and obstacles rather than utilizing a sense and avoid system.

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