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Is there a way to calibrate rssi or "it is what it is" the answer. I would like to have the read out in percent % using calibration to roughly get 0-100%. I have a Thomas LRS and the rssi range is not so great, .5-3.5V. I believe the ADC on the APM is 5V.

Any advice or help appreciated.

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  • i have the same issue with my setup, i wish it could be possible for a user to select a minimum and a maximum values for the rssi in the mission planner so anyone could use their diferent brand radios and have some reliability in the reading values.

    in the planner's "full parameter list" there is only the chance to change the rssi pin, i think two more rows could be added (min; max rssi) in this list. besides that there is 2 more options (3,3v and 5v) but it assumes the minimum rssi value as zero, but in some receivers that isn´t always true, like thomas RX's for instance.

    At the moment i'm getting values of 10 (Tx off) and 20 (Tx on) in the flight data status... in my view a value of zero (Tx off) and a value of 100 (Tx on) would be more acceptable.  ... just my 2 cents.


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