Hi Jut bought this X8 RTF ,  used it once then asked for a softawre update and now its all Pete Tong !!

I have done all the following and can not figure it out..

Reloaded Firmware

Reconfigured all the settings (multiple times)

Nothing is working and Suggestions woudl eb aprecaited as asking 3dr... well i might as well ask my Mum..  she woudl knwo more and respond faster.




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  • Hi Chris,

    Please try to load this file in your DX7s.


  • Its hard to tell from your video what flight mode you are in.

    If you are in anything other than stabilize, the behaviors you are demonstrating might be expected.

    Its hard to tell, but it looks like the 3 position switch on your radio is in the middle position which could mean you are in either Alt Hold or Loiter.

    There is no way that will do good things sitting on a bench, especially if it is in loiter.

    • Update.... I'm pretty darn sure you are in Alt Hold mode not stabilize.

      Note, in this mode, the throttle stick does not act as a throttle stick, it acts as 'increase altitude' or 'decrease altitude' stick.

      The quad is trying to get to a new altitude based on the position of your throttle stick, it cares less about your throttle input but it will cause the motors to get steadily faster if you have the stick set above the halfway point and the quad isn't achieving an increase in altitude... i.e. you are telling it to go higher, but nothing is happening so the quad is trying harder.

      Have you read the manual thoroughly!!!

      Not knowing this could get you into a lot of trouble in the field..

      Also check that after the firmware upload the positions of your modes haven't changed, ie check that you really are in the mode you think you are in.

      NB.... people around here have very little sympathy for people who complain loudly but haven't read the manual :)

      The X8 is not inherently dangerous, but it can be if you don't know how to use it properly.

      I have a 3DR X8 myself and its the most stable and reliable beast I've ever flown.

      • Also, if this is the problem, then your statement "Reconfigured all the settings" sets off alarm bells.

        The most common cause of problems in my experience is when someone has a problem, changes something then, changes a whole lot of things, then discovers the original problem was something simple but has since made a whole lot of changes to try and fix the original problem that has now introduced new problems.

        Because so many things were changed it can become very difficult to diagnose the new problem.

        What exactly have you now reconfigured?

        Did you take a copy of the original settings that came with your X8 before you changed anything?
        Thats always good practice and whenever I am changing PIDs or any other config, I save a copy of the original config just in case I screw up.

        If I was you, I'd check the flight mode then reload your original config.

        • I just checked...  in both Stabilize and Loiter ..  its still all whacky.. 


          • ok, that just looks like it has a really slow ramp up.

            Probably the quickest way from this point would be to:

            1) Save your current config.

            2) Load my config posted above

            3) Go to Full list of parameters" and see if any are different

            4) See if this fixed it.

            • says the latest firmware on board alraedy wont let me load..   its up to 3DRT i think..    Thanks Toby for your Help Mate..    

              • Let us know how you get on.

                Its more than likely something simple but it may be useful to know what so others can find out.

            • OK just now sussing out how this is done with mission Planner

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