Tijuana, Baja California

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I'm interested in UAV used in agriculture.

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Rogelio Nunez replied to Hugo Pereira's discussion How do I report a bug of Mission Planner?
"AC 3.2 is not available in the previous versions drop-down list"
Feb 26, 2015
Rogelio Nunez replied to Michael Rønn Christensen's discussion Iris+ first flight, flat spin. Calibration? in IRIS
"After the remote control sticks calibration (see the video Erik shared above), remove the trims.

The Iris+ remote control uses OpenTx firmware, not the ER9x, here is a manual to restore or check the original configuration:…"
Feb 17, 2015
Rogelio Nunez replied to Luke Wiseman's discussion Help! Newbie who got in too deep, too fast!
"You should open a ticket in help@3drobotics.com and ask for the proper firmware and instructions."
Nov 5, 2014
Rogelio Nunez commented on Rogelio Nunez's blog post How to connect 3DR GPS uBlox to Raspberry Pi
"swap your Tx/Rx wires to see if this fix the problem"
Jul 1, 2014
Rogelio Nunez replied to Chris Podesta's discussion RTF X8 Gone Mad any suggetsions? watch the Video.
"Hi Chris,

Please try to load this file in your DX7s.01COPTER.SPM"
Apr 28, 2014
Rogelio Nunez commented on Szilard's blog post APM 2.6 + GPS with compass
"I made this picture to show the differences between the old and new ublox ports and connectors, hope this helps."
Jul 25, 2013
Rogelio Nunez posted a blog post
Here is my connection (You can check GPIO pinout here):I used theFTDI GPS adapter cable, solder pads can be used also, just have in mind the TX pad = RX Ublox and RX pad = TX Ublox.To get information from GPS in the Raspberry Pi (RPi), we will use…
May 25, 2013