My first flight with my brand new Iris+ went well - no crash, but it kept rotating anti-clockwise and the more i put the left stick to the left the less spin. All the way to the left it was slightly spinning clockwise. I found the mini trim and tried to apply a lot of clicks and it became better but I could not manage to get rid of it.

I have read some posts on the issue and it seems like my TH9x is poorly calibrated. On the attached picture it shows that my left controler is over calibrated to the right. 

So my question is. What to do? Can I calibrate it myself? (I could not find any manual for the 3dr version of the th9x).

Thanks in advance




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  • Thanks all.

    Followed the youtube instruction and it worked like a charm. I read somewhere that the Iris+ is auto calibrating its compas and since I did not experience instabilities while flying i left out the calibration of ESC and compass.

    Went flying today and everything was working. Enjoyed my first real flight and was able to stabilize the flat spin without any effort.

    Thanks again for all you help :-)



  • Get mission planner running so you can check the radio configuration.  This will tell you if it's the radio or something else.


    • After the remote control sticks calibration (see the video Erik shared above), remove the trims.


      The Iris+ remote control uses OpenTx firmware, not the ER9x, here is a manual to restore or check the original configuration:


      If you still having problems with the RC, you should contact 3DR at help@3drobotics.com

  • Maybe this will help.

    • Thinking about this some more, after you do the calibration on the TX (see youtube link above), you probably want to do an ESC calibration and a compass calibration.  Check the "how to" videos on 3DRs youtube channel.

  • Hi, on old IRIS's radio was ER9x firmware, so you might be good with this manual. KR, Tomas

    ER9x Users Guide.pdf

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