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  • Done.

  • No hang on, I used the contact page from your site asking for support, I did not send an email to help@3drobotics

    Is this the right thing to do from the start ?

  • Yes I did this morning and I should allow for 48 hours for an answer. That is why I am begging for support in this forum. 

  • 3D Robotics

    Frejus: Have you sent an email to customer support?

  • I waited 8 hours for the US time zone so that even the west coast could answer. I am out of luck also with your support. No answers. Is this a bank holiday in the US ?

  • Red light on external 3DR GPS/compass is very weak when connected to I2C and GPS not connected to APM

    Red light is very strong when GPS is connected to APM

    But compass still failing to initialise, or "not enough data" when trying to calibrate. A dead compass I paid 80 euros / 100 dollars.

    I am getting tired of trying to make this APM work evenings after evenings.

    I expect DIY to fully work when I do things correctly. This is DIY but even when correctly done results are not showing.

    I ordered another external compass, not from 3D Robotics. Will see if it works.

    I2C only providing 1v worries me.

  • Not receiving answers, I changed the cables the way I thought, i.e. crossed them

    Now compass is showing a weak light. Power from I2C measured on red cable and ground is only 1v. Shouldn't it be 5v ? Then no wonder the compass is not working.

    GPS is perfectly fine.

    I have tried not connecting compass to I2C's power and ground to see if it would catch it from the GPS.

    No luck neither.

  • I purchased my 3DR APM 2.5 in Belgium in August, along with 3DR GPS/compass.

    APM 2.5 was not working after one week, sent it back and received a 2.6 instead.

    Problem is with the compass cable to I2C

    1- It does not even fit the I2C plastic stuff. I had to take it off to have the pins naked, then I plugged it in.

    2- Compass does not seem to talk to I2C whatever I install, desinstall, reinstall, external comp settings, and so on. This problem has been on and on for 4 weeks

    3- I realise now that compass pins are not lined up with APM I2C pins, but my compass=>APM I2C is straight (all 4 cables going parallel). Cannot work like that right ? I must have been supplied with the wrong cable ? Shouldn't it be crossed ? 


  • in the 6 pin plug, skip #5 black cable assuming #1 is red

    1 (red)

    2 (black)

    3 (black)

    4 (black)

    5 skip

    6 (black)

  • Hy, do you have 6 to 5 cable scheme? for example:

    start from red cable

    1 to 1

    2 to 2


    cuz i'm so far away form USA, i don't thing they will send me new correct cable.

    Please help me

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