I came across this recently and didn't see anyone mention it, so I thought I'd post.

Looks like an X8 copter designed by JAVAD (a company that usually makes surveying equipment).

Things I like:

It has RTK GNSS capabilities.

It is an X8, for some motor/prop failure redundancy.

It can also be "just" a survey grade GNSS.

It does have some interesting integrated components like the landing gear w/integrated communication antenna & landing sensor.

Things I dislike:

I'm guessing the camera sensor is pretty small.

Not sure of the flight time.

It's a neat idea and I like seeing a company like JAVAD looking to get into the game.

This product has the ability to create an means for a typical surveyor to get introduced to the technology.  They buy one as "just" a survey grade GNSS and use it now and then to collect some photos for 3D reconstruction or something.

For myself, at the rate the technology is advancing, I wouldn't buy one of these because the cost is too high and you wouldn't see much of a return on your investment before it's obsolete.  Unless you are using it for daily RTK GNSS needs at a surveying company...

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I like the clean interface. But the proof is in flying or how well it flys. They showed only computer animated movie, not actual flights. Still a neat idea.

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