RTL & Loiter mode

Now that my hexa is flying nicely I'm about to start trying out other functions.


So far I've only tried ALT hold mode, and that works well.


But before I'm going to try RTL, I have a couple of questions.


1.  Confirming that when RTL is activate the copter will fly back to home at its current altitude.

2.  Home is set at start position on power up as soon as GPS lock?

3.  Holding left yaw zero throttle for 10-15 secs will set home and reset accel as level?

4.  Loiter mode also engages ALT hold mode?

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  • Hi, does ALT hold requires a sonar sensor, or is it good with the barometic sensor even on altitudes less than 10 ft?


  • Developer

    1. yes this works

    2 Home is set when you get 3d lock and reset when you arm your copter.

    3 This will rerun the level command only

    4 Loiter mode includes Alt hold


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Aug 25