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sam d replied to Deemees's discussion Pre Flight Tests From The Wiki
"hey dmac!!, so glad its working!!, i saw the video, looks good and with a little pid tunning it should fly even better. (Nice landing gear you have there :p)

also, keep in mind that if rate_P alone doesn't make much difference, it could be…"
Aug 3, 2011
sam d replied to Brian Boyle's discussion Just need to share...
"good to know, ill check mines later.
thanks for the info Brian!!
Aug 2, 2011
sam d replied to Deemees's discussion Pre Flight Tests From The Wiki
"Hey dmac, i know how it feels, being raining here too. About the PIDs, as i can see from your design, it looks like you should be safe with the default values, fly with the defaults, and remember, watch how it flies, i even find it useful to record…"
Jul 30, 2011
sam d replied to Deemees's discussion Pre Flight Tests From The Wiki
"its for + configuration, but the principle is the same for X, in X if you pitch the copter down, both front motors should start spinning, or if you move the pitch stick forward, the 2 back motors should spin, in general, the motors that are below…"
Jul 25, 2011
sam d replied to Max Xam's discussion yaw problem
"I guess its because of the compass, but im not 100% sure, someone else can confirm it. As far as i know, the quad is not able to know its direction accurately without the compass (gyros are not good enough because of…"
Jul 25, 2011
sam d replied to F5PQL's discussion Setup + vs Setup X
"also, X frame has less width while navigating forward than + setup. If you fly in narrow places, you may call that advantage.
Jul 25, 2011
sam d replied to Roy Hotrabhvanon's discussion Arducopter Frame X Mode, Mounting?
"Here is mine (custom frame). I just velcroed the APM into the center piece. If you want more close up pictures, let me know.
Jul 24, 2011
sam d replied to Jason Short's discussion 2.0.38 help and suggestions
"i dont know if it is fixed by now or i did something wrong but in firmware 2.0.33, in CLI when i enter 'setup' i get the message "Warning, your radio is not yet configured, type 'radio' to configure it!" even when i already did it, ive even hovered…"
Jul 24, 2011
sam d replied to Michael Brown's discussion ArduCopter with Mission Planner problems
"In the IMU test, it should definitely not change that much when not moving the quad (at least while not moving the quad/APM), but it is normal behavior when moving the quad/APM shield.
At least, thats my case, just after leveling (i did a…"
Jul 24, 2011
sam d posted a discussion
For simplicity, i just mounted my APM with nothing but velcro on the center of my quad.Ive already flew in stabilize a few times (just simple hovering) and after a few PID adjustments, ive achieved hovering with minor drifts (i always have to use…
Jul 22, 2011
sam d replied to valentin colon's discussion PID tune
"looking at  the mission planner screenshot in http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Tweaks
 GPS position hold related PIDs would be:
     * Loiter Lat PID  (for latitude)
     * Loiter Long PID (for longitude)
 Altitude hold related PIDs…"
Jul 18, 2011
sam d replied to Hai Tran's discussion RTL &amp; Loiter mode
"Hi, does ALT hold requires a sonar sensor, or is it good with the barometic sensor even on altitudes less than 10 ft?
Jul 18, 2011
sam d posted a discussion
Hi, is it safe to plug in the lipo battery while i have my APM connected through USB to the computer? The reason i want to make this is to stop unpluging BESC power from the apm and connecting it to the receiver (and disconnect radio power lines to…
Jul 16, 2011