2.0.38 help and suggestions

Working on the next revision. Here's what's coming:

- Moving imu and baro calibration to the arming sequence, anything else?

- Simple mode with alt hold?

- Tridge's max motor fix for Hexa's and Octa's

- A new Octa setup from Hein for better performance.


Please fire away with any suggestion or issues. Mostly looking for fixes and improvements to existing features so we can finalize this version of the code and move to the next generation.




What's done so far. 


todo move ground start to first arming

added ground start flag

moved throttle_integrator to 50hz loop

CAMERA_STABILIZER deprecated - now always on

renamed current logging bit mask to match APM

lowered NAV_LOITER_P to 1.0

increased NAV_LOITER_D to .6


moved some stuff out of ground start into system start where it belonged

Added slower Yaw gains for DCM when the copter is in the air

changed camera output to be none scaled PWM

fixed bug where ground_temperature was unfiltered

shortened Baro startup time

added MA filter to PID - D term

decreased Nav_WP_ kI term

fixed issue with Nav_WP integrator not being reset

RTL no longer yaws towards home

Circle mode for flying a 10m circle around the point where it was engaged. - Not tested at all! Consider Circle mode as alpha.

Enclosed is where I'm at so far. This is fly

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  • 100KM
    Thanks for your work on 2.0.38 Jason, sure an impressive list of changes !
    What exactly is ground start ? I mean, you always start from ground, no ?
    As for the low battery led warning, I guess people want something like this :

    On 1 min battery left it starts blinking at 2hz. On 15 sec left it starts blinking at 5hz. No more need for a lipo alarm...

    I really like that RTL doesn't yaw home anymore. When flying away forward and hitting RTL, the copter would come back nose-in and I'd have to take manual control nose-in, which is not easy and could lead to piloting errors :-)

    It's night here now (I should go to sleep) but couldn't resist making my led changes in the code and compiling. That went fine and I'll upload revision 38 to the copter tomorrow.
    I guess a EEPROM reset and recalibration is needed now since you changed the name of a variable, right ?
  • Jason, I saw on one thread that you implemented a Median filtering for the sonar to replace the averaging. I wanted to try that, is the zipped file updated with that code? Or should we wait for the download section.

    The CIRCLE mode is also interesting...

  • This is the camera mount that I have been working on that will use the FC IMU shield camera outputs. The servos are direct drive and use the magnetic encoder servos. This is a much more simple arrangement than my usual approach. It will rely on the fact that the modern cameras will use optic flow stabilisation and thus we can reduce the resolution a bit from the dedicated baseplate IMU system. As a further idea, if we had a plug-in module for dedicated camera stabilisation. then with 12 bit3692244495?profile=original 4096 steps and a 20 deg/sec gyro .005 deg. of accuracy could be achieved. This prototype is made from balsa and ply and weighs only 375 grams inc servos and cables. Incidentally those shocks have no internal piston or oil they are only friction damping by an adjustable O ring pressure cap.

  • Hi, Jason! Waiting for the new code and the new features for 2.0.38. Everything for the ACM is too young, need slowly slowly to improve. I'm a new here, just got my ACM, many headaches for tune the PID, but it's more and more better now. Thank you for the effort!

  • Jason


    What does "the next generation" means? hardware the same? new from scratch code? no more arduine? or just a means of ending an stable version?

  • Developer
    I just added a rotational mode called CIRCLE, that is just like Loiter, but it flies a circle around the point it was enabled. Yaw will always point towards the center. I'll try and test it this weekend, then post.
  • Hi

    I replied last night but it seems to have been lost when I edited it.

    To cut a long story short I would like to see more mode positions in the SW. currently we have 6 starting at 1165us to 1815us with a separation of 130us.

    I was setting up the modes over the weekend and my radio (futaba 9z) is capable of 921- 2099. so taking 950 as the first value and going up with a separation of 50us you could get 23 positions (last one being 2050).

    Those that want them can use the extra positions and those who don't just fill 3 or 4 at a time with what ever mode they want at that point. It gives greater flexibility.

  • 1. How about ability to add second IMU shield that can be put on camera mounting
    2. a code or additional program that can switch to second battery pack if first pack reaches 10V or below.. so we dont have to land and replace battery.

    just giving some 2 cent ideas
  • Another alternative that I thought could be used, would be to have an external gyro board that could be switch on at startup. this could have some very high sensitivity gyros/accel. that would be used only for super stable mode. 

    I started working on this in reverse order by creating the fast response motor prop. combination that would also create the lift efficiency that one needs when getting into heavy lift vehicles that are around 4.6 kilos. 

  • Can we PLEASE get something like a super stable mode? Was the Ardupirates super stable code implemented in the Arducopter 2 code?

    I don't know if it is just me, but I have had trouble getting a really steady quad with the APM with a little wind... I have owned a Mikrokopter kit and a Hoverfly Pro board and they are both a bit better at returning to level flight quicker after a disturbance on the frame. But the Arducopter project and community just offers so much more! 

    It might be a lot to ask, but it would be FANTASTIC for aerial photography... Keep up the good work guys!! :D :D

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