SBAS / DGPS + Auto Magnetic Inclination ?

Dear GPS / SW wizzards,

i have just seen a few nice things in the datasheet of the currently-used mediatek GPS:

The MEDIATEK-3329 seems to support

SBAS (Satellite_Based_Augmentation_Systems): WAAS, EGNOS,MSAS ,GAGAN Supported(Default: Enable)

Is this also used by the special DIY Drones GPS firmware ? - SBAS delivers much more accurate results than normal GPS.

Also, i have found another potentially interesting thing:

On Page 17 of the datasheet, it is described as Part of the GPRMC that the Magnetic Variation (same as Magnetic Inclination) which needs to be currently set with the flight planner is put out in the data.

Would it be maybe an idea to use this data from the GPS and make it only required to set the Magnetic Variation in case the GPS is not installed on the aircraft ? - This way, we could eliminate the manual setting required and make arducopter maybe a little user friendlier in case of changing locations ? - Just an idea..



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  • You don't need declination without GPS - at all :-)

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