screws too short for 3DR APM 2.5 case

bought this and it arrived super quick, but the screws that come with the case are not long enough. It comes with 8 screws.... 4 x identical very short and fat screws, 3 x thin screws 1 x longer thin screw. 

The thin screws are obviously the ones that are used to keep the 2 halves of the case together and go into the case from the top as seen in the picture... not sure what the other 4 fat screws are for nor the 4 x rubber grommets.
I simply can't get this case to screw closed.
any ideas?

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  • If anyone else is still following this... as of Oct 3 2013 i have 13 cases with unusable screws. After 4 or 5 attepts by 3DR to fix the problem they have sent me the same set of screws every time. In the last email back, they now say I am the one with the problem. And they did not send me a faulty product.

    The best i could do is send them this data, and then still tell me i am wrong. see attached photos. The 3 short screws have a 6.00 mm shaft, the long screw is 10.5 mm. The top side of the case allows for 3.00 mm to extend into the bottom case. The chip is about 2.5 mm thick. That is 0.5 mm remaining for the thread to the the bottom. That is not even a full thread into the base, and i can not even get that to bite at all. I cant believe i am giving a 20 dollar order this much effort, but nobody likes to be told they are wrong i guess.

    photo proof attached


    2_5 Case and Screws.jpg

    2_5 Case Screw Length.jpg

    APM Screw Depth.jpg

  • My update on 25 August 2013- After the 3rd attempt to get correct screws i have received the same case and screw set. I am now holding 9 cases none of which have the correct length screws. I don't want to try anymore, but out of humor i will. I'm not making this up.

    I hope 3DR is making tons of money on this Iris copter, cause they don't seem to mind shipping me unlimited free cases.


  • Over a month ago i ordered my case and when it came in the mail a week later I was shocked! Normally i'd go 3 weeks with no confirmation email from 3DR wondering if my order went through,  thinking that 3DR is probably just some high school kid in his moms basement, then i get my stuff in the mail a month later.

    So this time i get my case a week after i ordered it. WOW 3DR is finally getting it together! Then the case would not go together and i thought "that's weird, i must have been doing something wrong, There is no way a robotics company that could build a "pro level UAV flight controller" could screw up the screw length."

    Well i found this thread, sent help@3DR an email, (no response) and another email, and waited a week later someone actually replied, acknowledging that the screws were not the correct length, and they had a new shipment coming in next week and i would get mine then. Well no email after another week, i send ANOTHER email and i get a shipment confirmation. Wow, i might actually get what i ordered a month ago.. WELL i just received a package with all the same exact screw lengths. Since it appears that this thread started in Dec 14 2012, and as of 19 August 2013 no one at 3DR seems to give a s--t.

    I cannot thank this community enough for the capability that this chip has and what it has enabled me to do, but if I could buy my hardware and parts from anyone else in the world i would.

    Seriously!! I cant get a plastic case with the correct screws that has been a known issue for 8 months?? Sorry .. rant over

  • Today is August 1, and guess what, this problem still exists.  Screws are way too short.  Where can one get longer screws, since getting a different case is out of the question.

  • I just got one of these and it's not so much that the screws are short, as there is nothing for them to screw into. There is only a little circle of plastic in the bottom. I just superglued it shut, but the reset button doesn't work for me either. 

  • Had the same problem with my case. was not really very imprest about it after spending over £150 on the APM 2.5.

    You would of thought some one would of checked things like this before shipping it out to thousand of people around the world!

    not very professional! 

  • Here also, ordered two cases, because i dont now yet witch one to use, al screws and rubber grommets are counted for, but the screws are to short for assemble the case with the apm2.5 board in it.

    The cases lined up correctly, and perfectly match together.

    Just mailed 3DR for help, hope to get a solution out of it.


  • definitely too short these screws, i have the box lined up correctly

  • I received two APM2.5 cases last week.

    Each case had a different count of screws, no rubber washers so in the end I'm short one screw.

    Mine went together without any problems, just make sure you have the USB connector slot aligned on both pieces.

    Oh, short a reset button also.



  • 3D Robotics

    I think you may have got one of the first cases made, and a few of the first top-pin cases were mistakenly shipped with screws for the side-pin cases (those are those extra short screws and rubber washers). You should only need the three short thin screws and one longer one. Instructions are in the product listing. 

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