New here & very impressed with the site

Are there any UK Clubs / Groups active in the SE UK area ?

If not and anyone local is interested maybe we could start one ?

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Where abouts in the South East are you ?

Rainham Kent....Medway towns 

Not far away, just over the water from me then - Harlow, Essex

Excellent ! Just found this site and really interested in it....Do you have an aircraft ?

Yes mate, I have a HexaCopter with the latest APM etc.

It's a great forum with an excellent, friendly knowledge base to help you if you are new to this hobby.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon....Let me know when you  are flying next would love to see how this works...

I learned to fly light planes back in the late 80's but its such an expensive thing to maintain...I walked away

More interested in models now as I love the Tech involved in it....

Just found this site after watching the James May program....I am a field service engineer for a biotech company so well into this level of automation....

Can see myself getting very interested in this....

Assume you have seen the UK users group?

I'm in Hastings. Just fitted my APM2 in a home made nitro powered Delta so God knows what will happen. Probably not an ideal plane. First set up flight as soon as it warms up a bit....

Anyone close to me?

Would be interested to meet.

Im in Kent M8 so not so far away.....Lets talk and arrange a meet...

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