I just had a productive meeting with our beloved Senator Chuck Schumer regarding Federal UAV (drone) regulations. He was kind enough to call my use of my "drone" during the Snow-vember event as "beneficial to society" at the following press conference. The fear was, he was going to call for an all outright ban. He did not. He just wants the FAA to write the rules we as responsible UAV operators (and the President) have been asking for for years now.
FAA says it will miss the end of the year deadline set by the President.


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  • just look at the laws they have passed for firearms and you'll see where the "drone" laws are going... and that is a right protected by the Constitution..

    • I still have my guns and I'm in NY too. They didn't take them away at all.

      • not for their lack of trying.. well.. now i can't even leave some of my firearms to my wife or kids. long story short.. don't let them off easy.. call them early and often and let them know you vote.

  • It's funny you mention that the FAA will miss the end of the year deadline. Since when has the government ever met its deadlines? 

    Of course, if the government set a deadline on you and you did not make it then all hell would break loose. 

  • Uh huh. His lips are moving; that should say it all.

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