Hello all,

I'm in the (very slow =P) process of building a UAV right now, and have decided that I would like to build my own sensor system from scratch, for educational purposes. However, I don't have much experience with sensor integration (specifically accelerometer/gyro/GPS), so I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as far as resources go. Books, websites...just anything you have found very helpful. I have already done a little searching on Google and Amazon, but I've found that expert opinions are still much more useful than search engines.

I'm a college undergraduate in engineering right now, so I have calculus, linear algebra, basic probability, and all that jazz. I've also taken an AI course, so I know a little about Bayes nets, hidden Markov models, etc.

All help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jacob,
Read all the papers in this web , look at the drawings/schematics of many boards used in this forum, usage and listen to all the integrations talks and advances here, will give you tons of ideas/info/intel, in addition buying some of the DIYdrone APs and related sensor packages project boards will give first hand experience if you play with them, and they are very cheap too. All the boards have open source softwares and source codes including board eagle files. Expect looong reading sessions. :)

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