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Jacob Dickinson posted a discussion
Quick question...does anybody know where to obtain detailed dimension drawings of the Multiplex EasyStar? Or, at the very least, the dimensions of the "cabin"? All I can find is overall length and wingspan. I'm trying to pick out hardware and…
Dec 17, 2009
Jacob Dickinson commented on Patrick Egan's blog post What's up with the Drone haters?
"Another way to look at is, how many people would have died if those same missions were carried out by manned aircraft/troops? Perhaps more (though I don't have figures, so I don't know).

I sort of agree on the "dehumanizing" aspect though. War is…"
Dec 17, 2009
Jacob Dickinson commented on Tim Trueman's blog post Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones
"I wonder at what level this decision (to not encrypt) was actually made. Surely there must have been more than a few engineers and managers to whom an unencrypted video feed sounded like a bad idea...I wonder who in the end actually decided it was…"
Dec 17, 2009
Jacob Dickinson commented on Roberto Hawkowski's blog post High speed data logger
"Just out of curiosity (I've never logged telemetry before) -- why is a separate datalogger required? I assume at least many of the people on this site have a ground station they send telemetry to, so why not just record into a file as you go? Can a…"
Dec 17, 2009
Jacob Dickinson posted a discussion
Hey everybody,Do any of you have experience building an autopilot with a Gumstix module? I know the idea has been thrown around before, but I haven't seen much real discussion about it. I'm torn between the KISS philosophy and the idea of just…
Dec 14, 2009
Jacob Dickinson posted a discussion
Hello all,I'm in the (very slow =P) process of building a UAV right now, and have decided that I would like to build my own sensor system from scratch, for educational purposes. However, I don't have much experience with sensor integration…
Dec 10, 2009
Jacob Dickinson commented on Jacob Dickinson's blog post EasyStar Project
"Yeah, I've had visions of my UAV plunging toward the ground or stalling then plunging toward the ground because of the lack of orientation info. I do think, from what I've seen of the EasyStar, that I'll be able to do short test flights without…"
Aug 12, 2008
Jacob Dickinson posted a blog post
I’m not going to be able to work on this project for awhile, so I thought I would post about it, partially so that I don’t forget the details myself : )For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working on a UAV based on a Multiplex EasyStar and…
Aug 11, 2008
Jacob Dickinson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post UAVs over the Beijing Olympics
"Yes, those fireworks were CGI, but I think one of the announcers on the NBC broadcast said so, or at least alluded to that fact -- I remember hearing something to that effect while I was watching the broadcast."
Aug 11, 2008
Jacob Dickinson commented on Zak's blog post The CHAOS of AI
"Hmm, sounds very interesting, but I'm not sure I understand exactly how you would apply chaos theory to an autopilot. Granted, I haven't studied chaos theory very much, but my understanding of it is the "butterfly effect": the fact that an extremely…"
Aug 1, 2008
Jacob Dickinson left a comment for Stefanos Samakas
"Hello Stefanos,

Sounds good. Haha I actually don't have too much experience with RC thus far...most of my knowledge was in software until a couple of months ago when I started this project. Right now I'm working on a project with an EasyStar…"
Aug 1, 2008
Jacob Dickinson replied to John Klier's discussion introduction...
"Hello! Sounds like a very interesting project -- I just got into the whole UAV thing myself not too long ago, but I'd be happy to help as I can and see your progress."
Jul 29, 2008
Jacob Dickinson posted a discussion
Hello all,I'm working on the auto/manual switching system for my UAV right now, and I was wondering how all of you handle inputting the signal from the receiver. At least for me, the switch on my transmitter that I'm using to switch between auto and…
Jul 23, 2008
Jacob Dickinson replied to Genesis Factor's discussion BEC to servo contorller
"So essentially the idea is to power all of the electronics, basically the whole plane, off of the main motor battery?"
Jul 18, 2008
Jacob Dickinson replied to Jacob Dickinson's discussion Power Advice
"Also, instead of starting a new thread, I thought I'd ask a quick question that I can't find a straight answer to:

Would the 5V regulator on the Arduino Diecimila be able to handle the current necessary to drive servos? It would be nice to not need…"
Jul 17, 2008
Jacob Dickinson posted a discussion
Hello everyone,Besides some small roadblocks, my Arduino-EasyStar UAV project has been going well. The autopilot is nearly debugged (or so I tell myself : P), and I have all of the electronics parts I need, except for the proper batteries.I'm not…
Jul 16, 2008