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Hello,While flying my model UAV, I want to log sensors output and GPS data.in to memory cards. Sparkfun offers two data logger products;Breakout Board for DOSonCHIP FAT16 FAT32 uSD Module sku: BOB-08215Logomatic v2 Serial SD Datalogger sku: WIG-08627I want to ask if anybody used these products or some better data logging board for high speed data loggin?Roberto
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  • Just out of curiosity (I've never logged telemetry before) -- why is a separate datalogger required? I assume at least many of the people on this site have a ground station they send telemetry to, so why not just record into a file as you go? Can a non-dedicated computer not keep up?
  • Hi, I wanted to ask which IMU's you guys are using in your setups, are they the ones offered in Sparkfun, and if so how do you connect them to the Logomatic to log the data? I am just starting to attempt to do this and would appreciate any help you guys can offer, thanks! -Victor
  • I started with the DOSonCHIP and would not recommend it. The configuration and command protocol is unnecessarily complex and robust write operations were time consuming. I quickly ordered a Logomatic v2 and its much better. From my experience, it functions perfectly at 115200 baud. Data can be logged at 512 bytes/44ms. In my application I log 6DOF IMU,servo and throttle position at 50Hz; magnetometer, barometer, airspeed, ultrasonic at 10Hz and GPS at 1Hz. This is all done in ASCII and I have had no problems. My only issue with the logomatic is its size.
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    I have a Sf logomatic v2 too, but have not connected to ArduPilot or GCS yet, probably to GCS first.
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    i use the 4d systems udrive 115k2 baud works great love the new dos firmware
  • Spark fun has a new data logger: quite cheap, 50hz (open source software) 3 channels, ~2 hours?
  • Not sure what you mean by "high speed". I use the logomatic, in what I call low speed (9600 baud) and am pretty happy. The manual says it logs at 115500 baud or something, tried briefly once and it held ok. The board could be smaller, the fat16 break out board tempts when I remember that, but don´t want to mess with that code right now. I would buy the logomatic again (already did, actually)
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