Sensors jumping around

Hey guys,

Interesting problem here. If I flash my APM 2.5 with the plane firmware, then flip over to the flight data window.. I see my artificial horizon jumping around all over the place once the system is armed. This is while the APM is sitting perfectly still on the ground. However if I flip over to the quad firmware on the same board and arm the board the artificial horizon sits perfectly still. Is this something going on with the hardware or the software? I had one of my planes decided to fall out of the sky from perfectly good stabilized flight. So I'm trying to eliminate things one at a time. 

This is now running version 2.68, but was running a previous version of code before flipping back and forth to test. I've also tested on two other APM boards I have. Both of those boards hold perfectly stable  artificial horizon. 

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  • So here is a interesting Tidbit since I have nothing else to do. If I flip back to v2.65 the AHI isn't dancing around. Instead it's a smooth up and down motion. Yet if I flash with 2.68 the AHI jumps around like crazy. I started tinkering with AHRS just for giggles. I was able to get the AHI to stop jumping around if I change AHRS_GPS_Gain down. If i set it to Zero the jumping stops all together.In v2.66 I can boost AHRS_GPS_Gain up to 0.5 and I'm fine. When I get to 0.75-1.0 I get the smooth dancing again. From what I've seen so far it started in v2.67 and carried over into 2.68. Then makes since since I jumped a version and saw it go from rocking I'd expect to see in the field to really bad.

    I guess it wasn't as bad in the previous versions of firmware. It does beg the question for the Dev's as to what has changed in the code that revolves around AHRS_GPS_Gain and why it's so sensitive now. FWIW when I roll forward / back the firmware I flip over to the console and run a setup reset. Then go in and change the values. 

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  • Same "issue" here. I have a rctimer board that I just received. This is my first board and I've never flown an ardupilot.

    When running arduplane 2.68, the horizon jumps all around as soon as the GPS has a fix. If I disconnect the GPS, the horizon is very stable and responds correctly to the movement of the board. If I reconnect the GPS, horizon starts to jump around again.

    I have no idea if this an issue caused by the fact that I'm not in flight and the GPS does not have a speed and heading. I'm also inside a building. So GPS reception is not good.

    If I upload the arducopter firmware, the horizon sits perfectly still.



  • Ok just put this into my quad copter to test and see what would happen. Something is up with this board. I flashed it with the latest quad firmware then uploaded the parameters from one board to this board. Things fly well in stabilize mode. However when flipping over to Alt hold the thing either slams itself to the ground or takes off straight up like a rocket...

    Taking this board out of production until I get a better understanding of what the malfunction may be. The Artificial Horizon started jumping around again once the copter was stationary on the ground and disarmed. 

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