I have MinimOSD v1.1 and it works fine when APM telemetry is configured for 57600. But my XBEEs work on 9600 only. So if there is a possibility to change OSD's serial baudrate to work on 9600 ?

Where can i get the firmware source and which parameter to change there?


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ok, got the source from "svn checkout http://arducam-osd.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ arducam-osd-read-only" repository.

In ArduCAM_OSD set:


#define TELEMETRY_SPEED 9600 // How fast our MAVLink telemetry is coming to Serial port
#define BOOTTIME 2000 // Time in milliseconds that we show boot loading bar and wait user input


Compiled by arduino 1.0.1 using "Arduino nano w/ ATmega 328" board settings.

Now MinimOSD waits for mavlink heartbeats all the time. Xbee works as usual.

If there is any trick?

I would appreciate any help...

Ok, it was mavlink v1.0 defined.

all ok now

I got a problem with OSD GUI reporting "Failed to talk to bootloader". I use all 6 pins from sparkfun FTDI adapter got, and autoreset works for me.

Arduino 1.0.1 works fine, i have uploaded code i have taken from SVN and autoreset does work when i use Arduino to upload code.

GUI complaints all the time, regardless of what done to OSD, any ideas?

i haven't used osd config tool with the current firmware yet, will try to check it out someday

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