Set pixhawk flight priority to RTK GPS

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I think this is a very basic question, but still couldn't get a solid guide line from google or the forum till thus far. From what I can gather, Pixhawk auto-pilots use extended kalman filters to accurately determine its position & orientation based on input IMU and GPS data.

RTK positioning has recently become very easily available (with Reach, Piksi, RTKite, Drotek...etc.) So given that I have a RTK GPS system integrated on Pixhawk, which parameters can I set in Mission planner to set higher priority to the GPS data for navigation? I basically want to ensure that my auto-pilot flies as accurate as possible 

Again, I presume that this topic has been discussed a bunch of times, and that I'm probably asking a stupid question... but I'll really appreciate if someone could please just point me to the precise Pixhawk settings. Thank you in advance.  

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  • hey Dmitriy, thanks for the reply, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. That's just how to enable a RTK system on Pixhawk and send correction data through the same comms link with GPS injection.

    I'm looking for the necessary flight path priority settings between GPS and IMU data within Pixhawk. In other words, I now that Pixhawk receives GPS and IMU data and sends it through an EKF (extended kalman filter) to determine how it should fly during autonomous mode to stay on a certain flight path. So now I basically want to tell Pixhawk, "my GPS input" is very good, so it should put the priority of GPS input data above the input of IMU data when determining how to fly... and therefor fly more accurately, due to the RTK GPS data being centimeter level accuracy. 

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    I hope this will help:

    There you can find solution: 

    Set GPS_AUTO_SWITCH to "1" - Enabled. Pixhawk will automatically switch between the two GPS receivers, picking the one with better solution.

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