Trying to figure out how to setup the elevon limits..  I'm using APM 2.5 with MP 1.2.78

What I'm trying to set up is:

Ailerons:  +1"  -1/2"

Elevator:  +3/4" -3/8"

I can get this setup fine in my radio the APM is using max throws..  Been trying to research this but coming up with nothing..

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Hello Dennis,
Once you limit the throws utilizing your radio, then you re-calibrate the controls through MP. That process teaches the APM the limits of the PWM signal associated with full stick input. I hope that helps.

PS. Still wishing you could post your CHDK script utilizing shut_down.

That only works in manual mode..  In anything else it's using full throws.. :(

Send me a PM and I'll hook you up with the script..  I use a modified radio though, I removed a trim pot and installed a 3 position switch for camera control..  and use Canon S100's so your's may or may not work..

I guess I never had that issue because I always set my control throw limits mechanically.
In Auto the APM shouldn't use more than it needs if tuned right. How is it flying?
You could try setting the RC_Min and Max parameters directly, but MP is doing that for you when you do the calibration.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
I sent you a friend request which is required before we can PM. You can also just email my hotmail accound using iskess@.

I'm using the SX260 so not sure if it will work, but it will teach me how to script. I have the Taranis radio which has all 3 way switches except the throttle kill and trainer.

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