I am wondering how multiple fail safes can be set up such as in this situation.

If i am flying in Auto mode and the plane flys out of range of my rc transmitter the plane continues in auto mode. I have been able to achieve this just by setting the fail safe in my fr sky D8R-xp receiver so it remembers to stay in auto mode

In manual mode if the plane looses signal I want it to RTH (return to home )

I can set up one or the other by setting the fail safe up in the receiver but is it possible to setup different fail safe situations based on what mode the aircraft was in while it lost rc signal

(rc signal lost in auto mode = continue in auto mode,,rc signal lost in manual mode = RTH)

Any help greatly appreciated thanks

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Indeed there is an option to only engage RTH when in manual mode. See http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/arduplane-setup/apms-failsafe-funct...

"Short failsafe action (ArduPlane:FS_SHORT_ACTN)

The action to take on a short (1.5 seconds) failsafe event in AUTO, GUIDED or LOITER modes. A short failsafe event in stabilization modes will always cause a change to CIRCLE mode. In AUTO mode you can choose whether it will RTL (ReturnToLaunch) or continue with the mission. If FS_SHORT_ACTN is 0 then it will continue with the mission, if it is 1 then it will enter CIRCLE mode, and then enter RTL if the failsafe condition persists for 20 seconds."

Same for Long failsafe action (ArduPlane:FS_LONG_ACTN)

Could not find anything there on how to setup a separate failsafe for manual mode.

Both the short fail-safe and long fail-safe modes only control Auto,guided and loiter mode unless i am missing something 

If you have failsafe set to continue the mission, but you happen to be in Manual mode at the time of the failsafe event, it will RTL. Just be sure the throttle failsafe is setup properly so it failsafes when you turn off your Tx.

Thanks both for the help ,got it working ,I had to disable the fail-safe setup in the rc receiver as when I turned the rc transmitter off it would always hold auto mode.

Yes, if you want it to ignore failsafe while in auto, set FS_SHORT_ACTN to 0 etc.

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