Hi everyone,

I'm creating this thread to share your drone/copter information. I believe, this would help immensely for newbies like me during the initial build. For example, the Chris's blog on cheap Hobby King quad configuration is really a good resource.  

I don't want to burden anyone who is willing to share their info. Hence all fields are optional. Atleast the first 5 fields are ideal. Please find the list of fields to copy/paste at the end, so you can start filling :-). 

Here goes information about my quad.

frame: Quadcopter (3DRobotics)
controller/autopilot: APM1
esc: 20A (3DRobotics)
motors: 850Kv (3DRobotics)
propellers: 10x47, APC (3DRobotics)
motor to motor distance: -- inches

battery:  4S 3300mAh (Turnigy nano-tech)
total weight: -- lbs
flying time: 15 minutes (average)

radio: Turnigy 9X 
video/osd: none
other: Sonar, Xbee, GPS/Mag, Attopilot current sensor



Turnigy 9X: Mode1 -> Mode2 change, Li-ion battery hack





motor to motor distance: -- inches

total weight: -- lbs
flying time:


Misc (hacks/mods):


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Thanks John! Frame looks great!

wow, no planes until now? only copters?

here it goes:

frame: self-made fiberglass/carbon fiber/plywood tricopter frame
controller/autopilot: KK board for now, APM2 still on simulator only
motors: TR2826 1350kv (overheating, going to change for DT750 soon)
esc: Mystery 30A
propellers: GWS DD 8x4 (overheats the motors, but works)

battery: 3S 2.2A
flying time: 8min 

radio: Futaba 7C + FrSky Module
video/osd: HK 900mhz 1.5W

Misc (hacks/mods):

photos: old one, replaced and changed location of escs

frame: Kepler FPV
controller/autopilot: APM2 still on simulator
motors: NTM 3530 1100kv
esc: Turnigy Plush 25A
propellers: APC 11x7e

battery: 3S 4.4A (2 x 3S 2.2A)
flying time: 15min

radio: Futaba 7C
video/osd: Remzibi + HK 900mhz 1.5W

Misc (hacks/mods):


Hi, did you fly it? Normally we have to center the IMU to the frame? did you do a code change? 

This is my latest small 450g Y6 with 8 inch props.

Frame:          Custom carbon fiber frame and HK landing gear

Controller:     APM1-1280 gps mag sonar custom rgb leds
Firmware:     The freshest GIT!
Motor:           hexTronik 16g 1700kv
ESC:            Turnigy Plush / 6a
propellers:     Gemfan Carbon Nylon 8x4.5
Battery:         300 and 2200 mah 10 minutes and 13 minutes
Radio:           Turnigy 9x Er9x firmware FRSKY tx/rx 8ch

Flys very smooth and stable with locked in yaw on current GIT.

Nice Y6!, let me ask a small question, from where did you get/buy these arms? are they made out of broken ice hockey sticks?

Hi Ruwan,

Yes they are very light weight carbon fiber hockey sticks I stripped and dremel cut them in half and drill holes to lighten them further.  This frame with landing gear weighs 95g.  I am amazed at the strength of the material.  I can drill a 3mm hole 2mm from the edge of the frame and the stuff doesn't shatter or break even after months of flying and crashing.

My Copter:


Motor to Motor 560mm(edge to edge 720mm, that the motors are do not destryed on a crash)

Flightmode Plus

Frame self bild with 15x15mm square alu tube

Autopilot: APM1

motors: 1000rpm/v KDA22-20L (Hobbyking)

esc: TURNIGY Plush 30amp (Hobbyking)

propellers: 10x4.7, EPP

battery: Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack (5min flight time, but maybe I will take a bigger one)


Sorry for late response. I have been making some multi-copters without consideration of centering IMU. Mostly offset location for ease of wiring and USB connection. The code has been no change from the default setting. Flight behavior look like no affect from the offset, about 1 inch. I need some other input for the offset location of IMU. Thank you,

Thanks Steven.  After reading your earlier posts, I've been searching for broken ice hockey sticks for a while. No success yet :-(

I might as well show off my toy too, now i've had a few flights and am very happy with its performance and stability. A few things i will be changing; Support for the nose - to stop some flex/vibration, wider slots for the battery velcro straps, thinner foam around the ESC's, and changing most of the screws to countersunk heads to reduce the thickness a tad.

Frame: My own quad design, plan to put a F1 style body on it (design files available if anyone wants them)

Controller: APM1

Motors: 880kv jDrones

ESC: 30A Mystery

Props: 12 x 4.7

Battery: 5500mAh 3S Wild Scorpion (12-15min Flight time)

Radio: Eurgle 9X

Video: 520TVL sony Cam / 1.2GHz Tx

Extra's: Sonar, Xbee, Optical Flow, GPS, Mag, 180A Atto-pilot

please share the frame design too. Did you use a DIY CNC?

This is cool indeed. By any chance do you have a video? 

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