I ordered the quadrotor kit at store.diydrones.com.  At the time I ordered, I asked what are the parts that break the most?  I was told props.  So I asked to order a few extra props.


I received 6 props with my kit.  I just now noticed that they are two different kinds!  I have 3 of one type and 3 of another.  Half of them are "Pusher" props, with model number 11x4.7 SFP slo-flier pushers and the other half are just 11x4.7 slo-fliers.


I knew that two rotors spin opposite, but I didn't realize they needed different props?  It it that two will use pushers and 2 will use the standard?  This makes sense but I just want to confirm!




Matt Christenson

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A prop is a rotating wing, and you would not expect a wing to lift a plane if you flew it backwards?

So you need equal numbers of oppositely rotating props to have any yaw control,  and props are designed to produce lift in only one direction.

Thank you, this is what I was thinking but I wanted to double check :-)

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