Hello everyone, I have a simple question. I have made a quadrotor by myself, and I want to use a camera to let my quadrotor set position at a point. My camera with small computer can only transmit data in low frequency, about 10 hz. But my quadrotor control its attitude about 250 hz. So should I use a low-pass filter when I receive data from camera to let it more continuous? Or just let it get the same data and renew when the lastest data input?

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If i understand correctly, you need your drone to stay at one place and not drift in any direction. Assuming this is what you want, you cannot consider your 10 Hz camera, you need optic flow sensor to help you with this.

Although, if you still want to try with your camera, you may want to generate optic flow data (velocity of pixels in x and y direction) and fuse it with accelerometer (using a complementary filter) to generate body axis velocities to stabilize the drone. Also you need to be careful about the lag your camera generates, this can mess with your results unless you account for them.

 -Prasanna Shevare

  Drona Aviation


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