Should we have a Category called APM 3.x for Traditional Helicopters at this point

Just a thought here.  I think the Arducopter Traditional Heli 2.x can be a bit misleading.  Or call it Arducopter 3.x ( Traditional Helicopter ).


David R. Boulanger

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Andre,  I know that's there.  But its a support forum not a general discussion forum.  I think they serve different purposes.  Just my opinion.


David R. Boulanger

yes, we should add this category.  I'll see if I can find someone to add it, thanks!

Update: oops, it seems to be there already.

Yep, looks like it just got added.

Ok guys, everybody move over there! :)

TC III  made it happen in less than 30 minutes. 


David R. Boulanger

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