Signals from APM not working for Helicopter SW

I was wondering if anyone had any success uploading the newest helicopter SW. I believe V3.0.1 according to the MP. It appears that in any mode I put the helicopter in it will not send the signals to the servos other than holding their trim value. The only way I have gotten the servos to change the setting in the MP/APM into straight through mode.

Once armed however, channel 3 will move (which would be from the affect of the throttle/collective), but none of the others. Also, when I change flight modes to stabilize or loiter, and orient the APM into a different attitude expecting the servos to compensate they did not.

Can anyone point out a flaw that I may have missed or a procedural step I am missing? Perhaps a quick walk through of how someone else may have gotten it set-up and functioning properly.

BTW I am running it in H1 mode so the mixing is done mechanically on the swashplate (each roll, pitch, collective channel and servo are independent)


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  • Yes, this is significant bug, luckily you discover it on the bench.

    It should be fixed with 3.1.  Here's an hint if you are able to fix the code yourself:

    TradHeli: Bug fix to Ext. Gyro and DD Tail code. When any of these … · R-Lefebvre/ardupilot@e86ae…
    …were enabled, servos would stop moving.
  • Are you trying to use an external gyro? I had the same issue and found that by disabling external gyro I got my servos to function. I don't think the 3.0.1 code supports it.

  • Also, this is not a power issue. I am watching the signals with the MP and the servos are not hooked up.

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