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UAV_Enthusiast commented on Greg Crutsinger's blog post Parrot/Pix4D Climate Innovation Grant - Deadline Jan. 31st
"I have a quick question. When going to the apply page and within this post you request a two-page proposal along with your resume or academic CV. Is this correct? As the dozen or so questions above would be what's in the proposal document and the…"
Jan 5, 2017
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Tom's blog post iMavlink - iOS Ground Control for ArduCopter/PX4 Drones
"Not to steal this thread....actually Jerry Giant, my colleagues and I are doing exactly what you are talking about. I am about to post the sample here in the next day or so. We used react native with a combination of node & npm to build a…"
Oct 9, 2016
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR Aero and X8 now $350 off
Does this mean that all 3DR is going to offer going forward is the SOLO platform and related tech? How are they going to handle their Pixhawk line of support? Will they continue to sell Pixhawk independently?"
Dec 13, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Daniel McKinnon's blog post Would you like to capture professional quality photos with Solo? Do you like Rube-Goldberg machines?
"I was wondering... Does the pysony work with other Sony supported cameras such as the Sony a series?"
Oct 6, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 ready for wider use
"@Randy An interesting feature for the landing gear support would be to have the gear set such that if enabled the vehicle would automatically apply the gear into the down position if less than a specified altitude."
Sep 29, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast replied to jstoezel's discussion Delays with 3DR order and no reply to email inquiry
"I am in the same boat. 3DR shipping and order fulfillment lately has been absolutely horrendous. I got an email today stating that the Pixhawks have been backordered and would be atleast two weeks before arrival (from an order back in…"
Jun 8, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Jaime Machuca's blog post Using the Intel Edison as a Smart Camera Controller
"@technicus: are you able to take stills with the BMCC?"
May 27, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Jaime Machuca's blog post Using the Intel Edison as a Smart Camera Controller
"I was wondering if anyone who owns a QX1 what is the time between photos? I know some of the canon cameras etc have a 4 sec delay before being ready to shoot again in a manual trigger mode...
Also, does anyone know of a way to turn off the WiFi so…"
May 27, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast posted a discussion
See the link below. Currently considering all offers.http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2417727&highlig...
May 21, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast replied to Christopher Harrod's discussion Wanted: Drone Iris+ or similar
"I have a new 3DR X8 available with a APM 2.5. If you are interested please message me. Could include RX and batteries making it a RTF if you add your remote...Also would include an extra ESC and 8 arms and misc nuts bolts etc..."
May 20, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast posted a discussion
Hello Everyone. I have for sale a used 3DR Y6 complete kit (All motors ESCs and frame) plus the crash kit and several back up parts.Overall this sale is for:1 Y6 frame kit (includes all frame components landing gear motor mounts PDB etc)8 880kv…
May 17, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast replied to Steve P's discussion 3DRobotics horrible first experience with ordering
"I am in the same boat as well. Their newly launched website and support is much less than desired. After placing my order and everything ready to go...backordered."
May 2, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Chris Kevorkian's blog post ESPAARO flight at VT
"Flying an RMAX is way more fun.... :) That gimbal appears to do a really goodjob until you really hit those bank maneuvers."
Apr 8, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
Hello,I was wondering if it was possible to perform servo mixing on the arupilot when running a plane. For example if I had a dual rudder configuration and I wanted to put one input channel and have two input channels with appropriate throughputs…
Feb 20, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast posted a discussion
Hello,I have two questions which I have yet to have found the answer to. 1) Is it possible to have an RC channel in and map to two RC channels out without using a Y cable. Also, what properties exist for the elevron configuration for supporting…
Feb 20, 2015
UAV_Enthusiast commented on Phillip Jones's blog post Finally got to fly in restricted airspace!
"Rob.....what kind of isolation system are you using? I have been working on incorporating an autopilot onto a Bergen sized helicopter and typically the vibration levels have been enormous.  Also what kind of mixing have you been using....it appears…"
Oct 22, 2014