I placed a small order for sensors on 3DR last last week. The parts I ordered seemed to be in stock, at least it didn't say it wasn't in stock when I ordered.

Ten days later the order still hasn't shipped, I emailed 3DR 3 days ago inquiring about the delay and I have yet to get a reply. I called yesterday and got an automated reply, asking to call back during working hours Mon-Fri (I had called during working hours, I am guess they were closed on May 1?).

I ordered from DIY's shop a few years back and the service was very good. I am a bit unsettled with this order. I now need these sensors as soon as possible.

Does any of you know what is happening at 3DR?



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  • Same story here for me - http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/3drobotics-sucks

  • Gee, I don't feel quite so bad now.  I ordered (w/ credit card) a Pixhawk and 3DR uBlox GPS w/ compass kit on June 1st.  It's June 7th and, while my account page indicates a Status of "Complete," the Payment State indicates "Balance Due" (my bank has the transaction listed as "Pending"), and the Shipment State indicates "Pending."  Today is only June 7th, so it looks like I'll have to wait a month or two for my turn.  Paid for FedEx, too.  It's the last thing I need to fire up my first scratch build - I hope I get it in the air before summer's over...  Funny, I always heard horror stories about Hobby King's fulfillment.  I made my first order from them (AR warehouse to NYC) on the same day as I made the order from 3DR.  The Hobby King order arrived Friday, June 5th.  I understand the issues a small company faces, but they should be upfront regarding their fulfillment problems BEFORE you hit the "Submit Order" button.  I probably would still have ordered (I am really looking forward to learning the Pixhawk), and I would have felt more like a respected customer.)  Maybe I should order a KK2.1 from Hobby King to use while I am waiting - they are supposedly very easy to set up.

    I'm brand new to DIY Drones - great site and tons of information!  (I guess most of you already knew that.)



    • I am in the same boat. 3DR shipping and order fulfillment lately has been absolutely horrendous. I got an email today stating that the Pixhawks have been backordered and would be atleast two weeks before arrival (from an order back in May)...hopefully everything else in your order remains in stock by time the pixhawks come in. Personally, anybody not ordering a SOLO I would recommend to be very hesitant ordering from 3DR until they fix their website and ordering process unless you dont mind indefinite wait times and no updates unless you do the leg-work and hound them for info.

  • As a follow up: I contacted Vu Tran from 3DR on Saturday. He explained they have been having issues with their new fulfillment company. He was very sorry, and promised to send the order today, overnight, and cover for the extra shipping charges.

    Vu took very good care of my case.


  • What is the link between DIY drones and 3DR? I placed an order with DIY Drones probably 3 years ago, and I am not sure 3DR was involved at that time. Or were they?

    I just found equivalent sensors on eBay and I am considering cancelling my order with 3DR. How does one initiate a cancellation?



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      DIY Drones and 3DR are separate entities and as far as I know DIY Drones has never sold sUAS hardware though 3DR does have a link to their store on the website.


      TCIII Admin

  • Hi Bob:

    Thanks for the reply. It is somehow worrying to me that your order from April 10th still hasn't gone through, and that the cancellation process is stalled as well.

    I am still hoping to get these sensors so at this time I will not cancel my order, but I am hoping 3DR will upgrade the shipping at no cost to expedite the order over night, as I now need these parts as soon as possible.



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