Simple RF Data link for GPS data

Guys I am a complete newbie so excuse the obvious questions. 

I fly fullsize and also large scale gliders and there are a few steps on this path but can I start with the simple one please.

Can someone guide me on setting up a simple RF downlink to send GPS data from the scale aircraft to the ground and displaying the realtime position of the glider on a tablet or smartphone please?

I have looked at 3DR Compact 915MHz 500mw Bluetooth Box Radio Telemetry Module. Will this work? Can I connect a GPS without the Autopilot gear?


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  • Take a look here:

    This uses 3DR radios direct to GPS module, should do what you want it to.

  • Rob, first check uCenter with direct connection to GPS unit, if this will sufficient for you. Than you can use radio link to connect this unit remotely.

  • Yes still looking for a solution. And a software solution too.

    A bit more on the application itself. This is not an autopilot application (but it might take on elements of this later). Glider racing involves flying a glider around a usually triangular course with the RC pilot doing the flying without assistance so the idea is to transmit the GPS data to a display that is with the pilot guiding him/her from waypoint to waypoint.

  • I've tested it before, both with NMEA and proprietary uBlox binary protocol - all works fine if you'll set correct baud for radio link.

    But the question was asked over a half year ago and I'm not sure if is still valid...

  • Simple but worth considering :-)

    PS. Pls, "Martin", not "Marvin" ;-)

  • He can connect i.e. M8N GPS receiver via radio link to PC running uCenter and control position from ground.

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