Single Copter build. Help and guidance needed.

Hello I'm an Aerospace Engineering student and I'm trying to build a Single Copter using APM. Something like Bill King's model but with a Gas engine or Honeywell T-hawk.3691191368?profile=original I am good with aerodynamics and other stuff but programming is completely new for me( though I have been learning it for a while) so I need a lot of help related to programming. Before I start I need to some basic information i.e.

1) Does single copter support automated flight in APM?

2) Does single copter support GPS waypoint navigation and mission planner? ( also if you know about other features like Attitude Control)

3) What all kind of telemetry data can I get from single copter using APM?

In advance I need help with the code on which single copter works. I checked and studied the ArduCopter source code on Github but was unable to understand properly.

4) If someone could just show the basic simple code which single copter uses, that would be a great help. 

5) What do I to control the engine RPM? As APM code controls ESC to regulate RPM but I have to control a servo to regulate Gas engine RPM.

This is all I could think of for a start and if I have more questions I will put them in comment. Even a small help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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  • 3D Robotics

    Please see the Traditional Heli section of the manual

    • Thank you. I checked it but no help there. I am not talking about a helicopter I am talking about Single Copter which is the 1st half of the linked section.

      • Hi Raj 

        Did you make much progress with this? All my requests for help seem unanswered.

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