I'm trying to get SITL up and running in cygwin.  So far I've had some success, I can run ArduCopter.elf and connect it to sim_multicopter.py.  Instead of using mavproxy to send rc commands I'm trying to use the APM Planner joystick control.  APM Planner connects OK via TCP and I see it get a GPS lock and I can even arm the motors with the joystick, but every time I do the quad just goes into a crazy tumble and sim_quadcopter soon starts reporting "Hit ground at...".  If I turn the joystick off and leave APM in Stabilize it will go back to a stable hover, though it will very soon Disarm the motors.

Anybody else tried this?  I'm not sure where my problem is, whether it's something with my SITL setup or in my joystick config (I followed the joystick wiki page http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/Joystick)?

Thanks for any advice.

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Further testing shows it has nothing to do with Joystick control.  Taking off using MAVProxy has the same result.

It seems like SITL is kind of broken at the moment.  However I think this is what autotest uses?  So maybe I'm missing something.

I have the same stability issues with ArduPlane SITL. It just goes crazy when I switch to 'auto'. Then it usually loses GPS lock. I am doing this on Ubuntu and connecting from windows for the APM Planner sofware.

I haven't had time yet to investigate the problem, but I'll monitor this thread as the issue sounds like the same problem.

the problem with sitl on windows is that the timer doesnt run like its meant to. at 1khz, it varys depending on the host cpu load.

Hey Bob, I am facing the same problem..... after it is receiving "Hit ground...." the altitude is dropping off and it is just yawing... and in auto mode like you said it is going crazy... did you try it in linux OS?? is it working now? please help me... 

Thank you...

I was never able to get it working. Linux is a good idea though, it is worth trying.

I did get SITL working on Linux to a degree, and had the plane fly. I did have aircraft stability issues and it would crash the JBSim all the time :( Haven't had time to go back and do further work on this yet.

I would agree Linux is probably a better option that Mac OSX. I did start to setup on mac, but it's a lot more effort as you have to use MacPorts to get dependent libs or build them yourself

Thanks Bob... i shall try with linux now :)

Thanks for the reply ... i shall try in linux... hoping it will work :)

Hey Bob, 

Do you have any idea about the python script that we are running? How to manipulate it and all?

Hi everyone! Any updates on this problem? I am encountering the same stability issues running in Linux (arduplane.elf and jsbsim). Mission planner is running in a virtualbox with Windows. After about 5 mins, mission planner indicates lost GPS and aircraft goes crazy. Flightgear stops receiving updates. I have a quad core and it looks like arduplane, and flightgear are each maxing out one core each. JSBSim is using about 17% and virtualbox 52%. After the failure, arduplane.elf drops to 20% CPU. Same symptoms with or without flightgear running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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