I have been trying to get my Futaba T9CP to accept six modes for my Ardupilot.. This wasn't easy... I tried to do it like some of the other futaba guides said, but the layout isn't similar, and for a guy who this is his first computerized radio, i had a hard time figure out this..

 Is there anybody that can point me in the right direction about how to program this thing?


Thanks :)



-Kjetil Hansen

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 You can take a look here, if you don't have solved this issue yet


Hi Kjetil,

Have a look at this link to my post on wattflyer forum, which I should explain it to you.


I managed to program 6 modes on my T9C with a lot of help from Larry from the USA.

I was able to get 6 modes with Arduplane, but have recently changed to a quadcopter and can now only get 3 modes using arducopter, haven't been able to fugure out why yet though. : (

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