I'm looking at the Skywalker X6 with 1500mm wingspan as a possible platform for aerial survey (i.e. vertical aerial photography for photogrammetry), as opposed to a conventional Skywalker 1680 V6 with 1720mm wingspan. The idea is to build a long endurance or long range platform for use in countries where the law permits such flights.

However I hear the flying speed of the X6 is faster than the V6... can anyone provide figures?

Some have noted this can create blur in imagery from the X6 with a tailwind... but I'm wondering at what altitude this was flown? I'll be flying at +110m AGL and would have thought this was less of an issue?

One thing which attracts me to the X6 vs V6 is a flying wing might be a more efficient flying platform (even with a shorter wingspan)?

Also, the X6 has detachable wings, which is good as ease of transport is a big deal for me. In comparison how portable is the V6?

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The X6 goes faster than the V6 and is better for cutting through strong headwings.

The usable internal space is somewhat restricted by its compartmentalized design but a compact camera and 10,000 4s lipo can be fitted easily.

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