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ChrisTing replied to Andy Ford's discussion Skywalker X6 for photogrammetry?
"The X6 goes faster than the V6 and is better for cutting through strong headwings.
The usable internal space is somewhat restricted by its compartmentalized design but a compact camera and 10,000 4s lipo can be fitted easily."
Dec 23, 2016
ChrisTing commented on Azhar T. Pangesti's blog post Olympus AIR
"I don't think the A01 electronic shutter will be any good for aerial mapping."
Feb 21, 2016
ChrisTing replied to Gina Mckee's discussion Sky walker X8 high wind stability problem
"You need to move your CG forward 1-2cm from the recommended point.
Dec 31, 2015
ChrisTing posted a discussion
I am using Skywalker X8 for extra long range AP work in plantations.The flying weight is 4.5kg and I use bungee takeoff.Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ8v_dj-HV0I wonder if anyone has gone over 5kg with the X8?Chris
Jul 29, 2015
ChrisTing replied to Tom Boutain's discussion Flight Plan Yellow Lines
"I use mission planner 1.3.10 and get this dotted lines from/to the home waypoint and I have a problem getting my plane to fly to the first waypoint. 

I also used MP 1.2.28 and did not have these dotted lines and no problems flying the complete…"
Mar 13, 2015
ChrisTing replied to bocorps's discussion skywalker X5 mapping camera choice
"The IXUS 110 I used did not have the aperture leaf in the lens. Instead it uses a ND filter that flips in and out. Say if you select f5.6 then the ND filter flips into the lens assembly to reduce the light getting it. "
Jan 25, 2015
ChrisTing replied to Euan Ramsay's discussion Sensefly eBee airframe
"I think the X5 is a good substitute for Sensefly. I had four so far. It's not that bulky with the wing tips removed. I got my mum to sew a carrier bag to carry it around.  "
Jan 23, 2015
ChrisTing replied to bocorps's discussion skywalker X5 mapping camera choice
"I have used SX230hs, SX260hs, S100  and IXUS 110 on Skywalker X5.  
All are out of production, from what I gather on camera websites. The IXUS is lighter  but don't have a aperture, just ND filter. Something to consider to if you depth-of-field.
Jan 23, 2015
ChrisTing commented on keeyen pang's blog post 100KM Challenge
"Congratulations on your 100km flight. I fly a Skywalker X8. There are about the same size but the FX-79 would be shorter to carry around with its shorter detached wings. "
Jul 12, 2014
ChrisTing posted a discussion
Can anyone tell me what is the orange line on the Mission Planner means ?On the Flight Data screen, it says the orange line is "Direct to current WP".But all my WPs are set on one part of the map and the orange line is point away from these WPs…
Aug 11, 2013
ChrisTing replied to k.rusydi85's discussion APM 2.5 on ArduPlane 2.4 Firmware Hard bank and dives in Auto flights in ArduPlane User Group
"I have exactly the same problem last week with APM2.5 on a Skywalker 1.8m (black).
Took off on manual, checked stabilise mode OK, then switched to Auto. The plane immediately powered up, banked and dived. I switched to manual mode but no responses…"
Dec 2, 2012
ChrisTing posted a discussion
I have been trying unsuccessfully to get Auto mode to work in Ardupilot APM1 for past two weeks. Now I really need some help. In the Ardupilotmega Mission Planner, I setup and loaded into APM1 a simple waypoint track consisting of home and 4…
May 10, 2012