I have twe sky walker platforms both with different setups.the problem is in above 14 mph winds then spiral in while doing quite tight turns which they refuse to recover ..even the ardupilot cannot cope .. Should I move to the skyHunter instead Anyone have any ideas please .. Gina

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Hi there yes it can happen. The stall speed is about 11m/s. Once stall it will spiral. You can try placing wing fences to help stop flow seperating.
Hi , speed is your insurance, in high winds increase your cruise speed by at least 3 m/s. The loss of control also shows your CG is too far back. Move it forward 1/4-1/2 inch and retry

You need to move your CG forward 1-2cm from the recommended point.


Shifting the CG has helped a little.However it appears to have shifted the spiral problem to another slower wind speed .How odd is that .I do think the winglets are good but not perfect.How I wish I has a skyhunter for christmas.G

more or less deltawings are more sensitive to winds and more difficult to fly.

i think that apm or pixhawk cannot easy handle stalls, although they have STALL_PREVENTION.

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