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actress model flyer+inventer now mum

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Gina Mckee posted a discussion
I have acquired a lawmate PV-800 Dvr . It's great but! yes there has to be a but!.I would love to build it into a ground station but! The IR remote control will while giving full control does not seem to turn it ON only OFF. I have noticed a control…
Apr 24, 2016
Gina Mckee commented on Liam Honecker's blog post FPV on the cheap; 1990's VR equipment
"I love the USB modification Thankyou . I did notice they worked down to 4.8 volts . My IGlasses 3D pro are vga input so I have to convert useing a cvbs to vga converter . These were £300 15 years ago and have worked flawlessly .they are great on…"
Jan 19, 2016
Gina Mckee replied to Gina Mckee's discussion Sky walker X8 high wind stability problem
"Shifting the CG has helped a little.However it appears to have shifted the spiral problem to another slower wind speed .How odd is that .I do think the winglets are good but not perfect.How I wish I has a skyhunter for christmas.G"
Jan 5, 2016
Gina Mckee posted a discussion in UK Ardupilot Group
Thank you for the legal doc,s
Aug 14, 2015
Gina Mckee posted a discussion
I have twe sky walker platforms both with different setups.the problem is in above 14 mph winds then spiral in while doing quite tight turns which they refuse to recover ..even the ardupilot cannot cope .. Should I move to the skyHunter instead…
Aug 14, 2015
Gina Mckee replied to Alex Maltais's discussion Skywalker X8 wing endurance VS the c-astral wing
"Can you guys please advise on the sky walker platform . I have two which cannot cope with above 14 mph winds , well when I say can,t cope I mean they have the hadit of spiralling out of control when doing a tight turn which it will not recover"
Aug 14, 2015