Just wondering if anyone flies one of these as a plain airframe with an APM? Does Sensefly even sell the airframe on it's own? And how does it fly as a pilots airplane, or in FPV?

Really like the look of the airframe, but want to do my own build.

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Nah - that's just a normal wing - I'd really like the eBee - looks a really tiny airframe, with removable wings and everything.

I have been wondering the same thing I have an X8 and want something a little smaller. So if you find it let me know.

Ive seen multiple air frames that look similar to the Sensefly

there is the Skywalker X-6 to X-8 line - http://www.bevrc.com/-airplane_c10.html

and the Skywalker X-5 - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__27131__skywalker_x_5_fpv...

And the Phantom - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__53814__Phantom_FPV_Flyin...

I'm in the process of building up a new mapping platform, but I havent decided on the Phantom, X-5 or the bigger Skywalker 1900mm.

As for the Sensefly...they suggest buying extra bodies when you purchase them..do Im assuming they sell them.  Just before I left my last job, I purchased a Sensefly. Unfortunately, they are still 4 months out from being able to fly, due to certifications.

its been discussed here before..


.that is actual from Parrot AR who bought Sensefly recently


We have built many X5 versions for APM and photography and it works very well but you need a good launch method such as a bungee or a catapult, 

We are moving to the newer X6 with plug in wings which has a lower take off speed even when loaded with cameras etc. The X6 is easier to ship and is modular with a larger load / battery capacity. It more expensive and the build is longer. very impressed up to now except for the terrible motor mounting method which we replace completely. 

Test results next week if the weather holds. 

I had the same thought.. I spent 4 hours prototyping and came up with this platform..

Very easy to fly.  7 flights so far in tuning APM and only have done 1 auto takeoff.  I hope in the week to get a param file and black EPP version cut.

Link to complete system


why not using some other versions..

HobbyKing Go Discover FPV Plane EPO 1600mm...ready to fly for $138!!!!

also his brother Buffalo FX-79


what is wrong with the king of foam planes


also I know some of my friends using Bormatec Maja


I gues someone deleted my post so I will ask again;how do you plan to protect camera lens...belly of your plane is flat.....

Ok, got some news back from the guys at sense fly - no it's not for sale, and it's a bugger to fly manual anyway, apparently.

Oh well. 

J.Gunset - that looks a nice frame! And you're doing an EPP version? Will it have carbon spars as well? And will it have recessed cutouts as per the vanguard 3, and the TBS cappy? The TBS has good separation for me.

If is does, I'm throwing money at the screen as we speak...:)

Are you going to be cutting and selling these air frames. I have had experience operating the eBee and I really enjoy the way it flies. Thanks

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