Sling loading beer with Hex and APM 2.0 board??


I have a bet with a friend of mine: I am to fly a 330ml can of beer to him.

The distance is approx. 300 meters one way.

I need to return back to the start after dropping of the can outside his house. No battery change half way either ;-)

How does the APM handle sling loading?? If I sling loads the can on a 10 metre string, I would be able to deliver the beer without actually landing.

I was thinking of just using a servo to release the entire string when the altitude is low enough to ensure the beer is on the ground, but high enough to avoid fences and other obstacles.

Thaughts anyone??

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  • I have seen some videos of other people lifting things hanging on ropes with their quads. They looked very unstable and it depended on the length (period) of the pendulemn they created. Granted, there was probably zero tuning done, but the swinging mass posed an interesting problem for the quad.


    I think a rigid mount would be better. Any reason you can't do that?

  • If you need to practice, I live at 9376 Petry Lane, Glen Haven, WI. Anything to help man.

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