Smoked my Turnigy 9X - Need help identifying a component

So I carelessly connected my battery backwards and let the Magic Smoke out of my Turnigy 9x. The ORANGE component burned out. Can anyone ID it for me? Im travelling thsi week so I'm also wonder if I can get a replacement at radio shack...)

The label is 226C / 30NC1.

The photo is not mine.  It (and green circles markings) are from, which has great instructions on modding your 9x transmitter to take a 7.4v lipo, which I did for an unrelated and sucessful project last year.  I'm lucky to remember there were photos available on his site!

Thanks to all eagle-eyes,


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See this thread:

And also this thread:

And this thread (starting at post 4589 and going over many pages) is an attempt to fix the same problem:

Apparently it is a capacitor 22uf 16V. Some people have had success replacing it with a standard electrolytic capacitor. You will also need to check your voltage regulators and pcb traces carefully because they have probably been damaged as well.

When I started using  a LIPO battery in my Turnigy 9X I used the existing battery connector soldered to a male XT60 connector, which is always left in place. This ensures that I can never plug the battery in backwards. Similar to this image (although it is JST and not XT60, but you get the idea):

Thanks Tim,

I could kick myself for not triple checking before I connected up. That's a smart idea to add a directional connector --  I'll be adding my standard Dean's connector to prevent this from souring my days again I am back home.

- Paul

Repair successful on the same afternoon - I used a $1.69 Radio Shack 22uF 35V blue electrolytic capacitorand the radio booted just fine.


would be nice to post  a picture for future reference (maybe) ... do you have one? 

Good to know! 

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