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paul hubner commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 2012 DIY Drones Year in Review (and 2013 preview)
"...I remember when there were just a dozen or so folks here!  Well Done Chris and Jordi and countless others - cultivating an environment where we geeks can gather and 'nerd-out' for a bit. What a team you've built!"
Jan 1, 2013
paul hubner commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New on DIY Drones: Badges! Which ones should we use?
"I trust I'm just a example :-) 'cause I meant for our REAL wizards!"
Mar 9, 2012
paul hubner commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New on DIY Drones: Badges! Which ones should we use?
"Great Idea Chris!  As one of the very early members, I have am always so impressed with the continued talent,  ingenuity and drive displayed here daily. Recognition is a great bonus. 
If this was a badge I'd be handing it out daily !

Mar 7, 2012
paul hubner commented on Andrew Rabbitt's blog post Keeping APM Operational at 120000 feet - a first look
"I had the pleasure in participating in a few high altitude amateur launches.  Cold was a worry the first time too. We added a chemical hand warmer pack, like Monroe mentioned, it turned out to be way overkill.  In fact on decent, the temperature…"
Feb 22, 2012
paul hubner commented on Mauricio's blog post How to NOT get grounded by FAA...
"That's a great idea - An elevated mooring point for the quad's tether! :-)
Prolly not so good for hydrogen ArduBlimps though..."
Feb 10, 2012
paul hubner posted a discussion
So I carelessly connected my battery backwards and let the Magic Smoke out of my Turnigy 9x. The ORANGE component burned out. Can anyone ID it for me? Im travelling thsi week so I'm also wonder if I can get a replacement at radio shack...)The label…
Dec 16, 2011
paul hubner commented on Jason Dorie's blog post Parallax Propeller based quadrotor
"Hi Jason - Well Done!  As an early proponent of the Propeller platform, I'm glad to see it used for a Quad.  My Propeller-asperations were shortened when the Arduino came marching along with its user base (which I also appreciate!). You are a far…"
Dec 5, 2011
paul hubner commented on eduardo's blog post High stability rotorcraft
"Well Done Eduardo! That is an extremely smooth flight."
Oct 17, 2011
paul hubner commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Octocopter for a RED camera
"Can anyone figure out what they are using for their video downlink? Was that HD?"
Oct 12, 2011
paul hubner commented on ionut's blog post Testing the quad
"Ohh the Papercuts!  ;-) 
I'd cut my leg on a plane prop way back, and I like the idea of visual markers.
Sep 21, 2011
paul hubner commented on paul hubner's photo
"Heli is a Yamaha RMA X radio controlled helicopter that they've modified for autonomous flight to simulate MARS missions. Heres more on the project from NASA Ames.
The Lidar is a from Germany's SICK AG. I don't have the model info, but there is an…"
Jul 28, 2011
paul hubner commented on Tim Nilson's blog post Carl Zeiss "Cinemizer" OLED Goggles for FPV Use
"I think its 720P.
Support for a 1080 signal and native screen resolution seem to be two different things. The manufacturer withholding specs is suspect, but I found this this tradeshow video listing the screen res as 1280x720.
Jul 20, 2011
paul hubner replied to josheeg's discussion oilpan eagle schematic what chips are used? their is no parts list and their is unlabled chips.???
I'm searching for the partlist too - I need to replace the 3.3v regulator (the "Digital 3.3" component) which has been preventing my oilpan from behaving properly.
Post if you find anything and I'll do the same.
Jul 8, 2011
paul hubner posted a blog post
I ride a motorcycle and the assembled quad just won't fit on the bike.  I have made a few modifications to the Arducopter kit as manufactured by Jani @ Fah Pah.  My mod makes the arms easily detachable with a few more parts. You'll need:- eight 1/4"…
Dec 21, 2010
paul hubner posted photos
Dec 21, 2010
paul hubner replied to ip9's discussion ArduCopter kit orders from fahpah store
"Jani - Dare I ask.. how many units are in a batch? I am so ready to work the build over the coming holidays :-)

Thanks for you great efforts!
Nov 12, 2010